Legends Of The Guardians: The Owls Of Ga’hool

Writer: Kathryn Lasky

Director: Zack Snyder

Actors: Jim Sturgess as Soren, Joel Edgerton as Metal Beak, Ryan Kwanten as Kludd, Emily Barclay as Gylfie, David Wenham as Digger, Anthony LaPaglia as Twilight, Helen Mirren as Nyra, Geoffrey Rush as Ezylryb, Adrienne DeFaria as Eglantine, Miriam Margolyes as Mrs. Plithiver, Hugo Weaving as Noctus, Hugo Weaving also voices Grimble, Essie Davis as Marella, Sam Neill as Allomere, Richard Roxburgh as Boron, Deborra-Lee Furness as Barran, Abbie Cornish as Otulissa, Leigh Whannell as Jatt, Angus Sampson as Jutt, Barry Otto as The Echidna, Sacha Horler as Strix Struma, Bill Hunter as Bubo, Gareth Young as Pete

Release Date: September 2010

Story: Four owls set out on a journey to find the Guardians of Ga’hool to eradicate a great evil  that threatens all of the owl kingdoms in pre-aboriginal Australia.


Plot: The movie starts out with a family of Tyto owls going over embedthe legends of the guardians before they turn in for the day. Soren, an owlet, is playing with his baby sister Eglantine while his brother, Kludd, of the same age looks on with contempt. Kludd does not believe in the legends that Soren is so passionate about. The next night while they were out for their first branching Kludd pushes Soren out of the tree and ends up falling as well. They are kidnapped by Jutt and Jatt and taken to St. Aegolius. On the flight there Soren talks to another owlet named Gylfie who is an elf owl. They are greeted by Nyra, a Tyto who is the mate to High Tyto and also the Alpha General. They are then informed that they are now orphans who have been rescued and will be expected to work for their stay. From this point on Kludd turns his back on Soren who tried to protect the elf owl. For that both Soren and Gylfie are forced to pick through other owls pellets. Because Kludd turned away from Soren he is made a solider in the Pure Ones army. Soren and Gylfie do escape by the help of Grimble, an owl who has worked for the pure ones to protect his family. When they escape they meet Twighlight a Great Grey and Digger a burrowing owl. Together they make their way to the Tree of Ga’hool and tell the guardians of everything that is going on.


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